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By developing the OsseoPulse, Biolux Research has provided a new direction to accelerating bone regeneration, grafting, and dental implants.
Clinical research has shown accelerated dental implant stability of OsseoPulse treated implants. This results in being able to load implants as much as 70% faster.. This reduced healing time allows prosthetics to be initiated and completed much sooner.
We specialize in the development of light activated dental bone regeneration systems for dentistry, accelerating the regeneration of the bone / implant interface. The dental regeneration system has been proved to be highly effective in reducing the healing time required.
Dental implants are surgically placed and the healing duration can take three to six months before the implant can be loaded with permanent dental restorations. In compromised and complex surgical situations involving bone grafting and site preparation, regeneration may require six months to a year before the final prosthesis is inserted.

Accelerating dental regeneration can decrease the time required to complete the dental implant therapy. Shorter healing times can lead to increased productivity due to decreased treatment times. Patients will also be more likely to accept treatment plans, particularly when complex or long treatments involving grafting and site preparation are planned. OssesoPulse can give the dentist greater confidence that the implant therapy will be successful in a shorter regeneration timeframe, with reduced concern or fear that the implant will fail with loading.
The OsseoPulse uses specific wavelengths and energy densities of light to deliver photons to the bone and soft tissues of a surgical site. The mitochondria of the cell convert this light energy into chemical energy increasing production of ATP which increases metabolism and activity of all cells involved in the healing cascade.

The OsseoPulse is a non-invasive device that the patient can use in the comfort of his own home. The device includes a lightweight headset, an extra-oral treatment array, and a small handheld controller. The dentist or assistant can fit and set up the product very quickly, and then the patient can take it with him until his next check-up. A typical treatment program takes 20 minutes per day for 3 weeks. For both the dentist and the patient, the OsseoPulse is effective, intuitive, comfortable, and a pleasure to use.

Due to its highly effective and quick healing results, OsseoPulse device is preferred by clinicians and patients undergoing implant and grafting procedures. The device is light in weight, easy to wear and can be operated with one finger.
BIOLUX's unique OsseoPulse Bone Regeneration System for dentistry is approved by Health Canada and is already available for sale in Canada. We are currently looking for distribution partners worldwide.
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